Movie” Egon Schiele – Der Tod und das Mädchen” / MIRKO BUFFINI FIRENZE”MOA”

Movie” Egon Schiele – Der Tod und das Mädchen” is going to public from 28th January in Bunkamura Cinema and Human Trust Cinema Yuraku-Cho. There’s also campaign which includes 3 bottles of MOA fragrance under MIRKO BUFFINI FIRENZE as presents.

Egon Schiele’s model of arts as well as his lover – Mao, is also known as a dancer. Mao stands beautifully in order to let Egon Schiele finish his drawing, and Mao is the only one that Egon Schiele writes her name in his drawing. Mao is also the dancer in the legend. She is wrapped with cinnamon color which is strong in the drawing, full of the sensual feeling.

The fragrance represents Mao is the “MOA”.



Nutmeg, Cinnamome


Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Lavender


Cedar wood, Sandal wood, Musk



100ml / JPY 24840Tax included 30ml / JPY 12960Tax included

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